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Govt Orders for JUH (State’s Madrasa Tuloloom) of Non-Formal Secular Minority Education under the Constitution from Ministries, Constitutional & Statutory Bodies (National Commission for Minorities & National Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India), Legislative Bodies, National & State Commissions, Councils, Institutions, Supreme Court & High Courts:

NMCME, MHRD, Govt of India; MHRD, Govt of India: NPE 1968, 1986 & 1992 (Minority, Non-Formal Education).

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India;

State Legislative Body, Govt. of Bihar.

National Minorities Education Commission, Govt. of India;

Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi.

Employment Exchange & Transport Office of State Govt

Minorities’ Commission, Govt of WB/Karnataka/Tamil Nadu (Gazettes on Minority Education).

Under Secretary to the Government of India, National Commission for Minorities, Govt. of India.

Ministry of PPG&P, Ministry of Minority Affairs, MHA & Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India.

Under Secretary, Government of Karnataka.

Minister for School Education, Directorate of Non-Formal & Adult Education, Citizen Charter, School Education Department,   2008, Govt of TN.

Periyar, Tamil Nadu Open, Alagappa, Anna, Prist, Annamalai Universities; MGU, MKU, KSOU, MSU, AMU (Bridge Course), IGNOU (BPP), MANUU (DDE), University of Agricultural Science, University of Madras & almost all Universities under UGC (Establishment & Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulations, 2003.

Directorate of Government Examination, AP &TN; Director of Higher Secondary Education, Kerala; Maharshtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education; School Education Department (Secretariat), Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Directorate of School Education & Directorate of College Education (TN) (Under Process).

West Bengal Minorities’ Commission.

Ministry of Labour/ Minority Commission/Education/MLC, Govt of Karnataka.

Under Secretary to the Government of India, National Commission for Minorities.

West Bengal Board of Madarsah Education (Under Process).

Maharashtra Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (Under Process).

Ministry of PPG&P, Govt of India (Under Process).

Resolution Adopted by the Provincial Education Ministers Conference of August 1949 & Approved by the Central Advisory Board of Education & Govt Of India (mother-tongue by private institution).

Constitutional Provisions for languages under Article 14-16, 29, 30,120,210,343-351 of the Constitution of India

Presidential Speech of Shri I. K. Gujaral, Union Minister of State for Works & Housing and Chairman of the Committee for Promotion of Urdu at its inaugural meeting at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 22.5.72 AT 4.00 P.M.( Urdu should get its due place).

Presidential Speech of Shri I. K. Gujaral, Union Minister of State for Works & Housing and Chairman of the Committee for Promotion of Urdu at its inaugural meeting at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on 22.5.72 AT 4.00 P.M.( Urdu should get its due place).

Memorandum of safeguards for linguistic minorities issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1956

Press Note Issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India on 14.7.58 Containing Statement on language (provisions for Urdu).

Inaugural address of Professor S. Nurul Hasan, Minister of Education, Social Welfare and Culture

at the first meeting of the Committee for Promotion of Urdu Held in New Delhi on 22.5.72.

Government of AP (Education Department) Memo No. 3843/A2/71-11 on 8-8-1972 (clarification of discrimination against Urdu).

Proceedings of the Director of Public Instruction, Govt of AP, RC No 4346/GI-2/71 on 16.12.71(Urdu for recruitment).

Education Department, G.O. Ms. No. 1800 on 22.10.71; Order By S. R. Ramamurthy, Secretary to Govt of AP(Urdu for recruitment).

Ministry of Law And Justice, Govt of India.

MHRD Vide Letter No. F. 23-1/2003-TS.III

Minister of Education, Govt of Victoria, Australia; Ministry of Education, Govt of India EM/27/2/52.

Ministry of Education & Cultural Affairs OM/72;Ministry of Education &Youth Affairs.

All India Congress Committee (AICC), 24 Akbar Road, ND, Vide Letter No AICC/7412.

Janta Dal (United)/JDU, 7, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, Vide Letter No JDU/1310/4/12.

AMU Statutory Body (passed in Indian Parliament), Vide Letter No OM/2154/SU.

Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee, Vide Letter No OM/287/03/12/LR .

Anjuman Taraqqi-E-Urdu Hind, Karnataka, Vide Letter No ATU/2012-13/28412.

Tamil Nadu Open University, Vide Letter No F.No. TNOU/RTI/138/201

Annamalai University Vide Letter No F.No. PIO/517/2013

Periyar University Vide Letter No F.No. PU/RTI/601/2013

University of Agricultural Science, Karnataka RTIR No: 50/2931A

Alagappa University Vide Letter No F.No. A15/RTI/332/8208/2013

IGNOU, G/SRD-R.I/Equiv.Urdu/2013/195(UP)

Karnataka State Women’s University Bijapur Vide L No: KSWUB/RPS/RTI/13-14/98

Madras University(State University) Off Com No:ERC/Equi/RTI/14/049

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottyam Vide L No: Ac.D/3/547/RTI-A/13-14

US Department of Postsecondary Education(Director of International & Foreign Language Education)

Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister, London, Vide Letter No PAW/11/3.

Congress of the United States, Washington DC, USA, Vide Letter No NUTS/8/4/11.

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India Dated 24/7/14& 16/7/14; 22/7/14; 22/7/14 for Social and Educational Uplift of Minorities (To preserve Traditional Ancestral Arts/Crafts and rich heritage of minorities under over all context of Indian culture & to bridge the academic and skill development gaps of the Deeni Madrasa pass-outs with their main stream counterparts); Multi-Sectoral Development Programme for Minorities; Allocation of Fund for Development of Minorities; Policy for Welfare of Minorities.

MHRD, Govt of India Dated 30/7/14 16:19 IST/PIB; 30/7/14 18:53 IST/PIB for Decrease in out of School Children (to attend bridge courses for eventually mainstreaming into schools) & National Madarsa Modernization Programme.

H.Q. Office of the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India

Vide Letter No.Investigation/Bihar/2014-438.

Minister for School Education, Directorate of Non-Formal & Adult Education, Citizen Charter, School Education Department,2008, Govt of TN.

Employment Exchange for Registration in Tiruvallur Vide Letter No. 1/1697/2014.

State Minority Commission to the Director, School Education Department, Chennai-600006 Vide Letter No. 1/250/2014.

Directorate of College Education(PIO) to PIO of Directorate of School Education Vide Letter No.12896/2/2014-1.

Directorate of College Education(PIO) to PIO, Directorate of School Education, Chennai Vide Letter No.12896/2/2014-2.

Joint Secretary, UGC, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110002 vide D.O.No. 14-3/2007 (CPP-II) of UGC & F.No. 8-3/2007-MC of MHRD, Department of Higher Education, Minority Cell, Government of India.

Ministry of Education, Govt of Punjab Vide Letter No 1830/EM.

Ministry of HRD, Govt of India Vide Letter No 8-3/2007MC.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Department of Education, USA

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India

Vice-President Secretariat, Under Secretary, Govt of India

Advocate, High Court, Calcutta

Councilor, BBMP, Banglore.

NIOS Vide Letter No.21-16/2012/NIOS/SSS/ADM (Under Process).

NIOS, Equivalency of the Courses offered by traditional Muslim Institution.

Deputy Director (E) Governs, Public Information Officer

Proceedings of the Public Information Officer, Chennei-6. K.Dis.No. 300381/K/S2/2014.

(((Govt Order No 115, Public (Defence). 29/1/1965.

Copy of GO Ms No 341, Education and Public Health Department, dated 14.2.1961.

Abstract: Education-Ministerial Committee of the Southern Zonal Council to Safeguards for Linguistic Minorities- Meeting held at Ootnenmund in May 1960 – Recommendations – Order passed.

G.O. No. 266, Education, dated 7th February 1948.

G.O. No. 2125, Education, dated 2nd July 1949.

G.O. No. 1036, Education, dated 19th April 1957.

From the Director of Public Instruction, Ref. Re. No. 1290, K, K3/60, dated 20th August 1960.

By Order of the Governor (T.P. Kothandaraman, Deputy Secretary to Goverment).

G.O. No. 455, Public (Partition) Department, dated the 14th March 1961. (Linguistic Minorities-Safeguards- Use of minority languages for official purposes- specification of areas- Orders issued.)

Memorundum No. 660/58-24, Public (Partition), dated 7th January 1961.

By Order of the Governor (R.A. Gopalaswami, Chief Secretary).)))

By Order of the Governor (Sir T.G.Rutherford), C.G.Atkin (Manager, Dowlatpore Agricultural Concern).

South East Central Railway No P-HQ/Ruling/Recruitment/224/10908 Estt Rule No 176/2010.

Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, Govt of India No. E(NG)-II/2003/RR-1/36. RBE No.128/2010;No.TCII/2910/99/Metro; No.TCII/2010/09/Madrasa students

MHRD, GOI, Deptt of School Education and Literacy Vide FNo.1-4/2011-VE. Deptt of Higher Education, Minority Cell F.No.6-2/2012-MC.

Lok Sabha Secretariat Vide F. No. 32/RN/Ref./December/2013.

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Rajya Sabha, Unstarred Question No 414 to be answered on 13/8/12.

Assistant Educational Advisor(Adult Education&CPIO), Department of School Education & Literacy, MHRD, Govt of India Vide F.No. 15-3/2014. AE-2 to the Director NCPUL of MHRD, Govt of India.

NCPUL of MHRD, Govt of India Vide F.No. 10-1/204/Coord-RTI/NCPUL.

Additional Secretary, Deptt of Defence, Ministry of Defence for religious teachers in the army Vide D.O.No. 12(3)/9 D(AG) and Letter No. 5248/500/90 and A/09893/P/Org2(MP) (a).

Prof S.K.Thakur of NCTE to Shri M.M.Jha, Secretary (Primary & Adult Edn), Govt of Bihar, New Secretariat, Patna-800015 Vide D.O.No. 49-6/NCTE (N&S). (To grant recognition by the states after NCTE approval).

Secretary, Maharshtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune Vide Letter No.S.B./Research/Equivalency/70 (Under Process).

CM Dr J. Mishra on Minority Education by Madrasa & Urdu.

Ministry of Culture, Govt of India Vide F. No.9/59/2013-Akademi (Under Process).

Punjab School Education Board Vide Letter No.1900/AP (Under Process).

Minister of Education, Education Department, Govt of Punjab Vide Letter No 1830/EM

Minister of State, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India.

Special Secretary to Govt (Protocol), General Administration Deptt, A.P. Secretariat, Hydrabad Vide G.No.10594/NRI/2014 and Section Officer(Attestation), C.P.V. Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India.

Nadwatululema, Lucknow recommended for girls education.

Embassy, United Arab Emirates.

Minister of Education, Govt of Bihar Vide Letter No.2117 to Principal Secretary Vide Ref No.16646 then Ref No. 2189 (Under Process).

Muslim Educational, Social and Cultural Organization, Hydrabad.

Under Secretary to Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Vide Memo No. 650/RID3/RND-D3/2014(Under Process).

PIO-Cum- Deputy Director(Admn) to the Joint Director(SE), Dte. Of School Edn

Vide Letter No. Endt.No.13421/DSE/Estt-1/D-7/14.(Under Process).

Office of the Director of Higher Secondary Education,

Housing Board Buildings, Shantinagar vide letter No. Acd/Spc(1)/6896/2014/HSE.

Director of School Education, Dte of School Edn, Punducherry Vide Letter No. 40/DSE/HSW/E-1/RTI/2014.

Under Secretary to the Government & PIO, School Education Department, Secretariat, Chennei-9 Vide Letter No. 22786/GE 1/2014-1 and 22786/GE1/2014-2 to the Joint Director & PIO, Directorate of Government Examination, Chennei-600006.

Government of Andhra Pradesh, Transport Department to the Deputy Education Officer, Vijayawada.

Tamilnadu Government Transport Department, Madurai to Transportation Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600009 Vide Letter No. 4471/2014.

Transport Department, RTO, Ernakulam and RTO, Civil Station, Kakkanad; Transport Department, RTO, Thiruvanantapuram; Transport Department, RTO-Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu, Circular 8.

RTO Thiruvanathapuram Vide Letter No. K5/1149/T/2014

State PIO & Senior Superintendent, Transport Commissionerate, Keralam Tras Towers, Thiruvanathapuram Vide Letter No.C1/11203/TC2014.

PRO/P.A. to RTO, Dharmapuri Vide Letter No. RTI Act 2005/10823/B3.

Transport Department, RTO, Mettupalayam; Transport Department, RTO, Salem (West); Transport Department, RTO, Tiruchengode.

Transportation Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600009 to Tamilnadu Government Transport Department, Madurai Vide Letter No. 39837/3/2014.

Prist University for regular B.Tech.

Anna University, Chennei.

Karnataka State Women’s University Vide Letter No. KSWUB/RPS/RTI/2013-14/98 (Under Process).

Tumkur University Vide Letter No. TU:AC:RTI-06:2013-14/4114 (Under Process).

University of Calicut Vide Letter No.EQ&MG/RTI-2013 and EQ&MG/RTI-2014 (Under Process).

MS University for graduation.

University of Kerala Vide Letter No.PRO/PIO/RTI/1040/2014 (Under Process).

Dr CV Raman University Vide Letter No.783 (Under Process).

Mahatma Gandhi University Vide Letter No.Ac.D/3/547/RTI-A/2013-14 (Under Process).

Sree Sankaracharya University of sanskrit to the Under Secretary to the Govt & State PIO, Higher Education(B) Department, Government of Kerala Vide Letter No.PIO/Admn/25-14/SSUS/2013.

IGNOU Vide Letter No. IG/SRD/RTI-1347/14/234 for BPP.

MANUU Vide Letter No. MANUU/CPIO/F.5/2014/151 for DDE.

AMU Aligarh Vide D.No.104/BC and Acad/D-32/CPIO for Graduates of Deeni Madaris.

Osmania University to Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education, Govt of AP Vide Letter No. MR-516/L/RTI/Acad/2014 (Under Process).

Jamia Millia Islamia Vide Letter No.AC-5/(34)/2014 and CPIO/RTI/14-15/07 (Under Process).

Islamic University of Science and Technology Vide Letter No.IUST/REG/JUH/14-139-Acd (Under Process).

Jadavpur University Calcutta Vide Letter No.JUSL/RTI/18(I)/14 (Under Process).

KSOU Vide Letter No.KSOU/DPA/2013-14 for Dip in Engineering.

Madurai Kamaraj University (Statutory University) Vide Letter No.RTI/Info/PIO/354/2013.

University odf Madras (One of the oldest university of India/State University) Vide Letter No.ERC/Equi/RTI/2014/208.

Kannur University Vide Letter No.KU/SPIO/RTI/1771-1780(i) (Under Process).

Aliah University (UGC approved autonomous University under D/o Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education, Govt of WB) Vide Memo No. AU/REG/0300/14.

Jamia Hamdard (Deemed University, NAAC A) Vide Ref. No.JH/LC/RTI-496/2014 (Under Process).

J&K State Board of School Education Regulations, 1992 (Ref: Pages 67-68,184,199 & 211)

Indian Imstitute of Banglore

Swami Rama Himalayan University

Ramakrishna Missission Vivekananda University

Calcutta Girls BT College, Calcutta University


F. No. 56-1/2004/NCTE/N &S; F. NRC/NCTE/Misc/2008/55730; No 46/4/2010-EE-10; NCTE/F-27/99/1104;

NCTE/91 Regional Meet 20-21.5.2005

Supreme Court of India

Eleven Judges Bench in T.M.A. Pai Foundation vs. Karnataka State (2002) 8 SCC 481.

Ishwar Singh Bindra vs. State of UP AIR 1968 SC 140.

Azeez Basha vs. Union of India AIR 1968 SC 662.

AP Christian Medical Association vs. Govt of AP, AIR 1986 SC 1490.

St. Xavier's College, Ahmedabad vs. State of Gujarat 1974 (1) SCC 717.

State of Himachal Pradesh vs. Parasram AIR SCW 373.

Brahmo Samaj Education Society vs. State of West Bengal (2004) 6 SCC 224.

Malankara Syrian Catholic College vs. T. Jose 2007 AIR SCW 132.

D.A.V. College vs.State of Punjab AIR 1971 SC 1731.

Hyderabad Asbestos Cement Product vs. Union of India 2000 (1) SCC 426.

MCD of Delhi vs. Tek Chand Bhatia AIR 1980 SC 360.

P.A. Inamdar vs. State of Maharashtra( Up to undergraduate level, the minority unaided educational institutions enjoy total freedom).Milli Talimi Mission Bihar & ors. vs. State of Bihar & ors. 1984 (4) SCC 500, the SC has clearly recognized that running a minority institution is also as fundamental and important as other rights conferred on the citizens of the country. If the State Government declines to grant recognition or a university refuses to grant affiliation to a minority educational institution without just and sufficient grounds, the direct consequence would be to destroy the very existence of the institution itself. Thus, refusal to grant recognition or affiliation by the statutory authorities without just and sufficient grounds amounts to violation of the right guaranteed under Article 30(1) of the Constitution.

J.P.Unni Krishnan Vs Andhra Pradesh(Ref: AIR 1993 SC-2178), Voluntary Institutions have the right to spread education & issue Certificates for Degree/Diploma.


The Memorandum No. 3-1/78/CP dated 12.10.1981, the UGC has directed all universities that while framing their statutes/ ordinances/ regulations, they should ensure that these do not infringe with Article 30(1) of the Constitution relating to administration of minority educational institutions.

UGC Regulations, 1985.

UGC Letter No. F. 1-117/83(CPP) 30.05.1986 & D.O.No.F. 1-117/83(CPP) 2.1.1986.

Joint Secretary and Under Secretary of UGC Vide UGC Circular F1-8/92(CPP);

UGC Letter F1 No-52/2000(CPP-II) and UGC Circular F1-25/93(CPP-II). Director UGC Vide F.No. UGC/DEB/2013.

UGC document on the XI plan profile of higher education in India states that “The only safe and better way to improve the quality of undergraduate education is in the delinking of most of the colleges from the affiliating structure. Colleges with academic and operative freedom are doing better and have more credibility. The financial support to such colleges boosts the concept of Autonomy.”

Association of Indian Universities Vide Letter No EV/II(449)/94/176915-177115 & EV/II(21)/2014

High Court

TKVTSS Medical Educational & Charitable Trust vs. State of Tamil Nadu AIR 2002 Madras 42. "If any entity is once declared as minority entitling to the rights envisaged under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India, unless there is fundamental change of circumstances or suppression of facts the Government has no power to take away that cherished constitutional right which is a fundamental right and that too, by an ordinary letter without being preceded by a fair hearing in conformity with the principles of natural justice." The right to choose medium of instruction of their choice is a fundamental right guaranteed under Articles 19(1) (a) (g), 21, 26, 29(1) and 30(1) of the Constitution (Karnataka High Court).

Acts & Rules

Sec. 2 (f ) of the Central Educational Institutions Act, 2006.

NCMEI Act, 2004. Human Rights Protection Act 1993.

Planning Commission, Govt of India (R.No. BR/2012/0055903).

Constitutional Provisions by the Govt. of India in respect of languages under Article 14-16, 19(1), 21, 29, 30, 45, 46, 120, 210, 343-351 of the Constitution of India be opted by JUH for Assamese, Bengali, Telugu, Kashmiri, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Guajarati, Nepali, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Sanskrit.